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For the conservation of value the revision and sometimes also the repair of the old chronographs are immensely important. However each watchmaker repair department cannot provide the service. Our master watchmakers, who have experiences of many years with Heuer services, are responsible for all revisions and repairs. More important is the fact, that ClassicHeuer owns a large spare parts inventory of hardly available spare parts for the diverse caliber.

Send or bring us your watch. On request we offer a pick-up service. We will revise or repair the chronograph to an appropriate price. Please use the contact form, write us an email or give us a call for prior consultation. (+49 2157 – 874946).


In our watchmaker´s workshop master watchmaker will repair the chronographs for you. Please take for granted that we will offer as well the customer service for the timepieces not sold by us. If required we will replace missing or defect parts with original items. A cost estimate will be provided in advance. On the repaired items you will get warranty.


For the long-term maintenance of value the revision for watches is as important as the regular inspections for cars. A complete disassembling of the watch, ultrasonic cleaning of the movement, lubricating, assembling of all parts, adjusting on the timing machine and a function control on the automatic watches testing winder machine are belonging to the coverage of a professional revision. If required the replacement of the glas and the seals will be done, too.


Does your watch look no more immaculate and beautiful? Are you bothered by marks, a faded dial, missing pushers or other defects? Our master watchmaker will refurbish your watch, so that your special timepiece will look practically new.

A mechanical watch can, under some circumstances, not run as precisely after repair as it did before. During the repair/alteration, the gear behaviour of the clockwork is inspected using measuring instruments – what is referred to as a timing machine – and also through observations over an established period of time. This usually occurs at room temperature and with simulated movement cycles. The conditions can, however, be completely different on the arm of the person wearing it, which can cause the watch to have a completely different running behaviour than it did in the inspection after repair/alteration.

Therefore, check the deviations and note by how much your watch is ahead or behind each day. We will then re-adjust you watch according to your information. Under certain circumstances, it can become necessary to repeat this step; but then you will have a watch regulated optimally to your personal wearing habits.



Most watch manufacturers recommend maintenance of the watch every three years. In this time period, a clockwork completes more than one million movements. We agree with this recommendation, because the mechanical works should undergo regular inspection in order to ensure long-term enjoyment of the lovely timepiece. This particularly applies to vintage models that have been used for more than 30 years, because the lifespan of a watch depends largely on the maintenance and care.

Another indication that an inspection is necessary is if the watch begins to run fast. When the watch is serviced, it is taken apart completely, cleaned, and re-greased.

Why does the spring break?

The watch spring on an older watch consists of a thin band of steel; this structure is not always homogeneous. For this reason, spring breaks cannot be avoided, because the constant tension of the spring fatigues the metal. Thin, well-hardened watch springs result in a greater gear precision of the watch than weak ones. However, they also break more easily, for the same reason that glass breaks easier than rubber. A spring can break without it being the fault of the manufacturer, the watchmaker or the wearer. The conclusion that it was of poor quality cannot be jumped to in any case from a broken spring.


The chronographs offered by ClassicHeuer are waterproof at the time of the initial purchase. This time point is more than 30 years in most cases, depending on the age of the watch.

If a watch has tested positive for waterproof qualities, then this quality is valid at the time of the measurement. Being waterproofed is not a permanent characteristic according to DIN 8310, because seals present are subject to natural ageing and wear. The watch you ordered is not waterproof, and therefore you should be careful when dealing with water (even when washing your hands) or take the watch off entirely.

ClassicHeuer offers some original spareparts for miscellaneous Heuer chronographs. Please understand that we will not sell all spareparts for Cal.11 and 12 available on stock. We will need the rare spareparts for the repair of delivered chronographs. You are welcome to give your timepiece in repair to our master watchmaker. ClassicHeuer attaches great importance to replace the individual parts only by original spareparts while repairing.

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