CLASSICHEUER sells pre-owned collector timepieces and is not an authorized dealer for any brand of watch sold on this website.  CLASSICHEUER is not affiliated with any watch manufacturer. By purchasing goods or services from you agree to the following terms and conditions.  These terms and conditions are put in place to protect us both so please take a moment and read them before making your purchase.

1. On-site visit:
For security reasons no watch will be stored at our CLASSICHEUER office. After prior consultation we will be pleased to welcome you for presentation of our portfolio at CLASSICHEUER office.

2. Shipping:
We ship UPS Express to almost any country in the world, as soon as we receive full payment. Our packaging is professional and secure, every shipment contains a proper invoice as well as all necessary customs paperwork, perfectly prepared for customs purposes whenever needed. Shipping costs depend on value of the watch and destination and will be announced in advance.

Before Pickup takes place, we inform you of your tracking number. Tracking numbers are used by UPS do identify and trace every package as it moves through the UPS system to its destination. A tracking number is automatically assigned to your package. You can use this number to track, locate and verify arrival of your package, as well as other details. You can go to or simply use the tracking option at order info > shipping > shipping time and track your item at any time.

Import Duties do not apply to shipments of vintage or pre-owned watches inside of the European Union.

Import duties vary from country to country.

In the United States import duties are based on the individual values of the watch’s components: the movement, the case, and the band. UPS express will charge the import duty on behalf of US customs upon delivery. We will be pleased to email you a PDF component breakdown of your purchased watch’s and an invoice. You may contact U.S. Customs for its estimated import duty. All our shipments to the USA and Canada include a proper invoice.
Please understand that we do not control import duty charges. They are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in our value pricing nor shall they be refunded by us if an item is returned.

3. Warranty:
Warranty on our vintage watches is 12 month’s from date of receipt from CLASSICHEUER Iris Bitter. We stand behind every watch that we sell. Warranty is not valid for abuse or damage caused by the wearer or a third person. Warranty is not valid for electronic parts of digital or quartz watches (sale or repair).

4. Prices:
The sales prices of the watches do not include VAT, because of the differential taxation in Germany (§ 25a). For some items VAT is declared with the sales price. Additional shipping costs have to be added to all sales prices.

5. Payment:
We accept international money order to our bank account. In case of foreign bank transfer please make sure that charges will befor your account.

6. Return Privilege:
We allow for a 2 week return privilege, as ruled in § 3 Fernabsatzgesetz in conjunction with § 361a Abs. 1 BGB, whereby the item ca be returned with no questions asked for a full refund within two weeks of receiving the merchandise, assuming the goods are in the same condition as delivered.

All shipping charges and import duties shall not be refunded unless merchandise is not as ordered or is defective.
If returned to us, please ALWAYS use UPS and use the following address:
CLASSICHEUER Iris Bitter, Florianstraße 18, 41379 Brüggen

7. Offer and contract:
All offers are subject to change and without obligation. The offer from CLASSICHEUER requests a demand for tender.

8. Waterproof / Water Resistant Watches:
CLASSICHEUER Iris Bitter sells pre-owned timepieces which can no longer reliably resist water. CLASSICHEUER Iris Bitter does not guarantee that any timepiece will be water resistant including watches that were originally designed to be water resistant.  By purchasing a watch from CLASSICHEUER, the buyer accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to the timepiece and any personal loss or damage suffered as a result of watch failure.  Watches sold by CLASSICHEUER should not be used for SCUBA diving or any other activity requiring a water resistant timepiece.

The repair department can´t guarantee that the watches for repair / revision will be water resistant.
9. Timekeeping Ability of Pre-owned and Antique Watches:
CLASSICHEUER Iris Bitter sells pre-owned collector timepieces which may not keep extremely accurate time. These watches have value as collector pieces and not as accurate timekeeping machines. Mechanical watches – whether made today or 50 years ago – will not have the same timekeeping ability as quartz watches. While CLASSICHEUER makes every effort to adjust each watch to keep accurate time, we are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the inaccuracy or failure of any watch.

10. New-Old-Stock ( NOS )watches:
These watches are unused and unworn and all original. NOS watches are all checked and cleaned as necessary. Some are 30 years old or older. All features of NOS watches are noted with the description of the watch. The watches are in perfect condition.

11. Vintage and pre-owned watches:
We purchase only the finest vintage watches available with 100 % original parts where possible. Our experienced master watchmakers revise every watch and is able to do any complicated overhaul. When we describe the dial of a watch as “original”, it always means that it is in it’s original state and has never been refinished or repainted.

12. Purchase:
At any time CLASSICHEUER is interested in purchase of old chronographs. Please submit an offer to CLASSICHEUER Iris Bitter.

13. Privacy Policy:
This policy covers how CLASSICHEUER Iris Bitter treats personal information that CLASSICHEUER collects and receives, including information related to your past use of CLASSICHEUER products and services. Personal information as in information about you that is personally identifiable like your name, address, email address, or phone number, and that is not otherwise publicly available. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacy policy you may contact us using the email below:

14. Jurisdiction:
German Law is applicable.