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Heuer Autavia

In 1962 Heuer launched a new chronograph and set the model name "Autavia" above the Heuer logo on the dial. Autavia comes from AUTo-AVIAtion and combines the two significant aspect´s of Heuer´s business enterprise - production of timekeeping devices for motorsports and cockpit instruments for civil and military aviation. The first automatic chronograph was launched on 3rd of March 1969 with Heuer Autavia.

Heuer Autavia on sale

Heuer Autavia - additional information

Production timeline for Heuer Autavia was 1962 until 1985. During the 1960ties and 1970ties there have been several famous Formular One racing drivers wearing these chronographs. Jo Siffert f.e. mainly Heuer Autavia Ref. 1163T with white dial and blue hands, but also others like Derek Bell, Jochen Rindt, Mario Andretti, Chris Amon, Emerson Fittipaldi, Graham Hill und James Hunt used while racing and in leisure times often one of the different Heuer Autavia models.

In the mid of the 1970ties some specific Heuer Autavia models (f.e. ref. 741.608MH) have been produced for the pilots of the Kenya Air Force. About 200 pieces have locally been worn in military actions.

Heuer Autavia models at a glance

Autavia Ref. 2446M Big Subs 1.execution

Autavia Ref. 2446H Big Subs 1.execution

Autavia Ref. 2446M 2nd execution

Autavia Ref. 2446H Tachy 3rd exe.

Autavia Ref. 2446H 3rd execution  Jochen Rindt

Autavia Ref. 2446M 3rd exe.

Autavia Ref. 2446C Tachy James Hunt

Autavia Ref. 2446C MH Lunette

Autavia Ref. 2446C GMT

Autavia Ref. 3646M Big Subs 1.execution

Autavia Ref. 3646H Mario Andretti

Autavia Ref. 7763C T

Autavia Ref. 1163T Jo Siffert Chronomatic

Autavia Ref. 1163MH Chronomatic

Autavia Ref. 1163T Jo Siffert

Autavia Ref. 1163MH Derek Bell

Autavia Ref. 1163T Orange Boy

Autavia Ref. 1163GMT 1           24H bezel

Autavia Ref. 1163GMT 2           22H bezel

Autavia Ref. 1163V T Viceroy

Autavia Ref. 1563MH Exotic

Autavia Ref. 1563T Orange Boy

Autavia Ref. 1563MH Orange Boy

Autavia Ref. 73363T Siffert Colours

Autavia Ref. 73463T Siffert Colours

Autavia Ref. 73463T Silver

Autavia Ref. 73463T

Autavia Ref. 73663MH Villeneuve

Autavia Ref. 73663MH Arabic Dial

Autavia Ref. 73663MH Siffert Colours

Autavia Ref. 73663MH Arabic Dial KAF

Autavia Ref. 73663MH Bund

Autavia Ref. 741.603MH Arabic Dial KAF

Autavia Ref. 11630MH

Autavia Ref. 11630MH

Autavia Ref. 11630MH

Autavia Ref. 11630MH Viceroy Style

Autavia Ref. 11630MH Arabic Dial KAF

Autavia Ref. 11630GMT

Autavia Ref. 11630P Decomp

Autavia Ref. 11063MH

Autavia Ref. 11063V Grey Silver

Autavia Ref. 113.603M IDF Black PVD

Autavia Ref. 113.603MH Black PVD

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