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Heuer Carrera

Heuer Carrera is one of the best-known sportchronographs in watchmaking history. One of the great racing drivers in his days Juan Manuel Fangio was ambassador for Heuer and was wearing the Heuer Carrera. Heuer was inspired to this name by the "Carrera Pan Americana" the most dangerous car race of the 1950ties won among others by Juan Manuel Fangio. Porsche sport cars were participating this terrible battle to win for the gains in prestige and image. Since that time, Porsche has named tis innovative, fastest and most successful racing models "Carrera". This link between the watches of Heuer and motorsports is remarkable.

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During the development of Heuer Autavia in 1962 Heuer had the idea to create a new chronograph for drivers and motorsport fans. It was important that it be easy to read, shockproofed, anti-magnetic and waterproofed. In 1963 "Heuer Carrera" was launched to the public. The watch was elegant in íts simplicity, the dial with two or three subdials was extremely clear and easy to read. Tachymeter and decimal scales were the first variations in a very creative range of watches. From 1963 until 1979 the Carrera chronographs have been produced with manual and automatic movements.

The name "Carrera" means competition at the highest level and finds its origins in Spanish.

A limited edition of Heuer 18k gold chronograph Heuer Carrera ref. 1158CH was produced in a quantity of 150 pieces within the cooperation with Ferrari Scuderia and the successful racing team. Ferrari racing drivers like Niki Lauda, Derek Bell, Jody Scheckter and Arturo Merzario as well as chief mechanics and team leaders have been wearing this beautiful 18k gold chronograph in mid of the 1970ties.

Highlight: the manual winding chronograph Heuer Carrera ref. 2447NS, 2447NT and 2547N are named "Panda dial" because of the black dial with white subdials and are nowadays rare collectible timepieces

In 1969 Heuer achieved a sensational global success by producing the first automatic chronograph, powered by a micro-rotor, which enabled a flat movement construction. Autavia, Carrera and Monaco have been the first model lines in which the new movement cal. Heuer / Buren 11 was implemented.

As one of the first racing chronographs Heuer Carrera was worn during the races f.e. Juan Manuel Fangio, Nicki Lauda, James Hunt, David Piper, Arturo Merzario, Clay Regazoni, Derek Bell and Ronnie Peterson.

Heuer Carrera models at a glance

 Carrera 12 Ref. 2447T Poly

Carrera 12 Ref. 2447S

Carrera 12 Ref. 2447N

Carrera 12 Ref. 2447T

Carrera Ref. 2447ST Red

Carrera 12 Ref. 2447D

 Carrera 12 Ref. 2447NS

 Carrera 12 Ref. 2447 NST

 Carrera 12 Ref. 2447TN

Carrera 12 Ref. 2447D

Carrera 12 Ref. 2447P

Carrera 12 Ref. 2448D

Carrera 12 Ref. 2456S

Carrera 12 Ref. 2456T

Carrera 12 Ref. 2456N

Carrera 12 Dato Ref. 2547S

Carrera 12 Dato Ref. 2547NS

Carrera 45 Date@9 Ref. 3147S

Carrera 45 Date@12 Ref. 3147S

Carrera 45 Date@9 Ref. 3147N

Carrera 45 Dato 12 Ref. 3147N

Carrera 45 Poly Ref. 3647D

Carrera 45 Ref. 3647S

Carrera 45 Ref. 3647N

Carrera 45 Ref. 3647T

Carrera 45 Ref. 3647D

Carrera 45 Ref. 3647P

Carrera 30 Ref. 7753SND

Carrera 30 Ref. 7753NST

Carrera Ref. 1153N early

Carrera Ref. 1153S early

Carrera Ref. 1153S late

Carrera 18K Gold Ref. 1158CH

Carrera 18K Gold Ref. 1158CHN Date silver

Carrera 18K Gold Ref. 1158CHN

Carrera 18K Gold Ref. 1158S

Carrera Ref. 1553N

Carrera Ref. 1553S

Carrera Ref. 73353S

Carrera Ref. 73453N

Carrera Ref. 73453S

Carrera Ref. 73653N

Carrera Ref. 73653SN

Carrera Ref. 73655CH

Carrera Ref. 110.253B

Carrera Ref. 110.253G

Carrera Ref. 110.253CHN

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